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dream hair experiences


As simple as 1-2-3. Understand what appointment options await you as a new guest at Leah Nakata Hair, and discover how the Dream Hair Experience changes lives.

so, why the Dream Experience?

Waking up and not being automatically in love with your hair is a tragedy.
The Dream Experience was made to stop the cycle of hating your hair.
​Thinning hair and hair loss don't have to ruin your day anymore.
Imagine having the hair you always wanted, or at least knowing what it's going to take to get there. Imagine a private salon experience where you could truly sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself without experiencing drama or stress. Imagine actually being able to talk with your stylist, and ask questions without feeling worried about how you will be perceived. 
The Dream Hair Experience was created to make a safe space for you and me, to get down to the root of things (literally), and make your hair dreams a reality.

each dream hair experience starts and finishes with the same magic

-We'll start with your Day Dream Consultation to understand exactly what your hair dreams will look like. Each experience Is completely customized. After all, this is the crown you never take off.
 -You get to pick a yummy signature beverage.

-Cue your custom appointment.

-We'll end with some at-home maintenance instructions, which you will also go home with to review when you need them.
-Don't forget your special gift to help maintain your new look at home.
(gift with first appointment only)



If you want hair extensions & hair color at the same time, please fill out the extension form only.

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