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Hey Love, I'm Leah.

The Dream Weaver
Leah Nakata Hair

As someone who has experienced some lackluster hair appointments where the stylist completely missed the mark, I understand the journey we all go on to find the right hair dresser and to find our hair home. I am the creator of my signature hair transformations called the Dream Hair Experience. I created this experience because I didn't want anyone else to waste time and money like I spent trying to make my dream hair a reality.


I believe hair is truly magical, and I want you to feel it!


I created the DayDream Consultation where we dive deep together into understanding your hair goals and dreams. I wanted to make sure I knew EXACTLY what needed to be done for each individual, instead of doing the same thing for everyone or even assuming their needs.


I've trained long and hard to bring Sacramento what I believe is the the most comfortable and safest hair extension experience, and the safest, fastest color transformations.


During your Dream Hair Experience I work with you to create a solid plan for your color and extensions. Complete with aftercare tutorials and check-ins. I'm here for you. No two heads are alike, and there is no "one size fits all" hair around here. Your dreams are unique. Your solution will be unique.

When I am not at the studio, you can find me at Disneyland with my family. Yes. I am one of those Disney people. My husband and I have identical twin sons who are a whirlwind of energy, and we love to take them around California and beyond to explore. I'm a big ocean person and often travel to the beautiful California coastline.

I've got a love for making specialty beverages, like my signature coffee and seasonal spritzer, and I have them at the salon for you.


Ready for the hair of your dreams and an experience unlike any other?

Leah Nakata Hair
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